The World Cultural Diversity Organisation (ODCM) is a non-profit international organisation established in accordance with the French government’s decree of 1901 and headquartered in Paris. It was approved by UNESCO in 2005. Head of states of more than 130 countries signed a series of international conventions of historical significance such as “Convention on Protection of Cultural Diversity”, “Convention on Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage”, “Convention on Protection of World Culture and Natural Heritage” and “World Cultural Diversity Manifesto”, all of which symbolized that human society had entered a new globalised era of cultural diversity. In September 2005, ODCM was restructured and established with approval of UNESCO.

Following the First and Second Industrial Revolutions, the Information Revolution arose rapidly, radiated out into the entire world and fundamentally changing the ways mankind lives. In as little as two centuries, the Internet has linked all countries and nations on Earth. A truly interdependent globalisation is unfolding. All around the world, people don’t want poverty, conflict, and war; they choose respect and tolerance and jointly want to create a world with common prosperity, equity, justice, interest sharing, and cultural diversity. Just as the convention illustrated, “Cultural diversity is the source for human continuity, exchange and reform, and common heritage and wealth of mankind as well. Cultural diversity has become the major impetus for sustainable development of different countries”.

The outstanding team of ODCM planned and implemented an exciting ten-year development plan, marshalled the progressive forces of the world and drew upon human innovation. ODCM gained the support and cooperation of world and corporate leaders. UNESCO spoke highly of it and awarded high level recognitions to its founder.

ODCM aims to promote international, national, and municipal cultural diversity and closely cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organisations and social groups to boost worldwide cultural diversity. Furthermore, it provides a new stage for people of all nations, rich or poor, to participate in international cooperation based on the Globalisation forum and ten-year development plan. ODCM organises global scholars to explore the innovations of the globalised era and to find new solutions for global crises. Cultural diversity will bring about permanent esteem, freedom, and happiness to people. To maintain world peace and enrich cultural diversity and human creativity, ODCM has shouldered this lofty mission.

Dr. John Sun
Chairman of ODCM