PhotoODCM's organisational function is structured to fit the essential development points of the current World's cultural development. We follow and then to lead the trend of creating an ever-lasting world of unified but also diversified values through the expression of multiculturalism in communication, political structures as well as spirituality. In the past decade, ODCM has among the other activities achieved a record of paramount steps in bringing the nations and people together. We are very proud of these milestones.
  • 2003: The former entity of ODCM , the Globalistion Foundation, works with the Russian National Academy of Sciences in developing the theory of globalisation.
  • 2004-2005: ODCM is invited by President Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan to develop change strategies for the UN structure under the stewardship of H.E. Mr. George Keil, the UN secretariat�s branch for international conventions and treaties.
  • 2005: ODCM jointly hosts with UNESCO the Globalisation Summit in Hangzhou, China. The keynote speaker is the governor of Zhengjiang Province, H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping, who will go on to become president of the People�s Republic of China.
  • 2006: Under the patronage and invitation of the African Union�s president, ODCM arranges humanitarian aid for Rwanda.
  • 2009: ODCM hosts the North America Globalisation Summit and is warmly congratulated by the Premier Minister of Canada.
  • 2010-2012: ODCM participates in the Copenhagen Summit of Climate Change and the UNESCO conference held in Rome. Dr. Sun is a keynote speaker there.
  • 2013: Dr. Sun is invited by the British Royal family to attend the polo event and holds an informal meeting with H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.