International Accreditation Service

ODCM offers universities and higher learning institutions the prestigious accreditations from our organization to signify the quality of cultural diversity and globalization process. The following criteria is set by the executive council of ODCM.

  • The participating instructions must have at least minimum three years of operating history.
  • The candidate institution must share the value of educational freedom and support of the global value of it’s educational system, staff and students’ mobility.
  • The institution aims to facilitate the international exchanges through the educational, scientific and scholastic endeavors.
  • The participate university/institution must be able to host an annual research conference or other academic activities with the main theme of globalization.
  • Conduct at one on-line/distance learning study program that can be accessed by students worldwide

Executive International Panel

Our advisors of the Panel are senior level former educators, key decision makers witin the International organizations and academic institutions, they are mostly have advanced understandings of the educational sectors as well as the cultural industry and maintain leadership positions within their respective areas, they are made by professionals from various fields in order to carry out the mission of education cultural diversity

  • Milagros del Corral, Former UNESCO Director General, Spain
  • Zhang Yang, Chairman of China ZhongAn Peace Holding Group, China
  • Dr.Prof. Jean Louis Juvet, Former Deputy of FIFA, Switzerland
  • Dr. Sun Fang, Founder of the Globalization Cooperation Foundation, Hong Kong
  • Linjie Chou Zanadu, Order of Culture and Peace, U.S.A
  • Prof. Mirjana Radovic, Serbian National Academy of Sciences
  • Approved institutions

    International Teaching University of Georgia, Georgia

     UNINETTUNO - International Telematic University

    European New University, the Netherlands